Brandon Isralsky


Brandon Isralsky's work is rooted in street art fashion photography; appropriating images to address misogyny, media representation, and the male gaze. 

Through his experimentation/examination of graffiti culture, Isralsky—otherwise known as Mr. B aims to dismantle these ideas with spray paint, markers, and other marking tools. Mr.B's sticker of cleavage, wheat-pasted around New York City has become locally iconic. And has become his signature tag, a defining image within Isralsky's growing body of work.


Mr. B grew up on Governors Island, south of Manhattan. Born a descendant of Afro-Peruvian and Polish-Jew heritage, from an early age Brandon became enamored with metropolitan life. Due to his close proximity and easy access to New York City, Brandon became aware of his opportunity to see some of the finest graffiti in the world. Beyond voyeurism Isralsky also became aware of his potential to participate in the street art counter culture. 


Brandon Isralsky received his Master's in photography/videography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. In addition his work has been exhibited worldwide, having shown his work at the Museum of Sex, in Paris Le Marais, and Antwerp.