Caroline Tompkins

Convoke Interview


CONVOKE I’m curious how you first got into photography. How were you introduced to it, was there another art form you came to it by way of? 

CAROLINE Photography was the only thing I never got bored of. I’ve always had a lot of interest in a lot of different things, and photography is the one that keeps me coming back. It feels like the more I know, the less I know.


CONVOKE By other things, you mean other mediums of art or other technical practices? 

CAROLINE I was a big swimmer and that was a huge part of my life from age 4 to 18, but I started to feel very bored with swimming. You’re just staring at a black line on the ground for hours. Photography entered my life around age 12 or so, for no reason really other than the fact that there were cameras around, and I was interested in them. I loved discovering blogs like the Strobist where you could figure out how to light things with really accessible items. I remember being 15, and I built all these soft boxes using cardboard boxes, tin foil, trash bags, and Home Depot lights. I was a good student and I continue to take on new hobbies, but photography has always been the thing I want to keep investing in.

August 7, 2022