Accra Shepp

Convoke Interview

 CONVOKE How and when were you first introduced to photography? Specifically, medium format photography? What about the medium intrigued you, as opposed to another form of art or another medium of photography? 


ACCRA If there were multiple starts, I was a little kid in junior high, back before they called it middle school. The art teacher showed me how to develop film and print images and developing film seemed impossible, but printing images seemed like it would be really fun to do. When I got to high school, I took some books out of the library because I figured, “Yeah, I could probably make images as good as what the drugstore made, or everyone,” back in those days. I taught myself how to develop film. It didn’t turn out to be as impossible as I thought. I was working in my high school dark room and the only other person, not people, the only other person, was the person in charge of the yearbook. He was only in there now and then, so it was basically a private dark room. It was fantastic. I figured out how to develop film at home pretty quickly so I could do that at home. And yeah, so I got to college and I was studying engineering and I thought, “Wow! Well, maybe I should take a real class and really get to know this thing.”

August 11, 2022