Ina Jang

Convoke Interview

 CONVOKE How did you get into visual art? Was it through photography, or a different medium? How did your upbringing in Korea and Japan influence your desire to be an artist? What artistic communities were you drawn to? 


INA Growing up in Korea, music was what I found most interesting, as I played a few instruments in my childhood. When MTV was first introduced, I was glued to the TV watching music videos every evening. I also liked drawing comics and such, but I just never knew what I could do with my interest in music or drawings. When I got my first camera, something was different. I was obsessed with taking photographs of things I found intriguing. Soon it seemed that there was nothing left to photograph, so I started staging photoshoots. I’ve always responded to Surrealism for the humor and mystery, even without realizing what the movements were about. It always drew my attention.

August 4, 2022