9 Strong Woman

Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams, Joseph Madia, 2018
9 Strong Woman: Ansel Adams
Publisher: Convoke
Dimensions: 5×7 inches
Pages: 9 postcards
ISBN: 978-0-9997821-0-1
$ 12.00

Joseph Maida's selection of portraits from Ansel Adams' Manzanar portfolio features 9 of the women, whom Adams depicted in his historic series about Japanese-Americans incarcerated in the United States during World War II. Each card includes a portrait initialed by Adams on the front with Adams' title of the work on the back. These ready-to-mail or frame cards honor the unsung women who have contributed to the betterment of all people through the history of the United States.


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Organization for Women as part of CONVOKE's mission to ending gender-based inequality.


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